Executive Office and Committees of the Council

Registered Office

Scharenkamp 22
38442 Wolfsburg

ECCE is staffed on a part-time basis. Our preferred communication method is by email, which is checked regularly. While we aim to respond to all emails on the day of receipt, please allow 24-48 hours for a response.     

E-mail:   info@cce-europe.org

 Executive Secretary - Mandy Stagg,   United Kingdom

Executive Committee

Kenneth Vall
President Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Chris Yelverton
Vice-President Johannesburg, South Africa
Inga Gossow
Treasurer Wolfsburg, Germany
Benito Oliva
Chair CoA Cagliari, Italy
Maria Browning
Chair QAC Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Commission On Accreditation - CoA

Benito Oliva
Chair Cagliari, Italy
Beatrice Zaugg
Vice Chair Biel/Bienne, Switzerland
Graham Mills Member Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Iben Axen Member Vällingby, Sweden
Jaap Swanenburg
Member Zurich, Switzerland
Philip Davies
Member Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Priya Lutener
Member Yarnton, United Kingdom
Sarah Zingg
Member Schlieren, Switzerland
Kenneth Vall Ex Officio Member
Bournemouth, United Kingdom

Quality Assurance Committee - QAC

Maria Browning
Chair Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Christophe Sem
Member Zurich, Switerland
María José Hernández Ortiz Member Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Cynthia Peterson Quality Assurance Consultant Scottsdale, USA

ECCE Representative(s) on Councils on Chiropractic Education International

Olivier Lanlo Paris, France
Cynthia Peterson
Scottsdale, USA