AECC reaccredited for further 5 years until 2012

The ECCE has been reaccredited AECC for a further 5 years until 2012. At the conclusion of the evaluation visit by a team of four practising and teaching chiropractors the Commission on Accreditation of the ECCE praised the leadership of the College together with the commitment, support and direction given by the Board of Governors. CoA also praised the curriculum which successfully enthuses both staff and students. CoA were impressed by the links between teaching and research, the programme of renewal including upgraded lecture theatres and laboratories, and the development of the new clinic which will further enhance teaching and research facilities in the college. CoA drew attention to the opportunities provided by public funding and the links to the University of Bournemouth. The college was congratulated for its support for staff development at all levels throughout the college, the commitment, loyalty and enthusiasm of the administrative, technical and support staff and its sound long-term financial planning.

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