About us

The ECCE is an international autonomous organization established by the chiropractic profession in Europe to accredit and re-accredit institutions providing undergraduate chiropractic education and training.  The principal goal of the ECCE is to assure the quality of chiropractic undergraduate education and training against a set of educational Standards.

The Standards are intended for use by chiropractic institutions, both in the public university and private sectors, predominately (but not exclusively) in Europe, as part of institutional self-evaluation, by the ECCE for external review of institutions and by international committees and bodies involved in the recognition and accreditation of chiropractic institutions worldwide.

Once an institution has demonstrated that it is in substantial compliance with the Standards and has graduated its first cohort of students, the institution is accredited for up to eight years.

The ECCE is a founding member of the Councils on Chiropractic Education International (CCEI) together with the US, Canadian and Australasian Councils on Chiropractic Education (CCEs). It is the only external quality assurance agency for chiropractic education and training in Europe that is a member of CCEI and recognized by the chiropractic profession and other CCEs world-wide, and that adheres to the CCEI International Chiropractic Accreditation Standards.